What if you could safely, passively invest in real estate without giving up your current job, and without spending thousands of dollars and hours on education?

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Here are your keys to the turnkey revolution of safe & passive income.
Real estate investing can be more complicated than it looks, with management hassles and risks of losing money. The solution to investing in properties safely and passively is turnkey real estate. If you want to earn passive real estate income, then turnkey real estate is the vehicle to achieve those goals.


If there’s one thing that today’s investor wants, it’s peace of mind. Chris Clothier’s The Turnkey Revolution instills confidence with rock solid advice that makes sense.
— Joe Calloway, Author, Be the Best at What Matters Most

In The Turnkey Revolution, leading turnkey expert Chris Clothier walks you through his proven Turnkey Safely System™ and gives you the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to:
1. Design a Vision
that propels you to your investing goals.

2. Research the Market
to weed out bad investments.

3. Choose a Partner
that gives you long-term success.

4. Expand to New Markets
for ongoing prosperity.

...a straightforward, illuminating education for any investor or would-be investor who wants to leverage real estate and its benefits long term without pitfalls. This book lets me master, buy, and hold real estate, leveraging the best education and professionals in the business.
— Paul Esajian, Founder & Owner, Fortune Builders, Inc.