Why Investing in Real Estate Matters to Me

Those of you who are familiar with me know my background with Memphis Invest, a family-owned turnkey investment company out of Memphis, Tennessee. In fact, it’s my family! So it’s no surprise that I care a great deal about real estate and specifically, investing in real estate.

Obviously, it plays this huge and important part in my life, and I want to be clear and very transparent about that role—but I have to be honest in why it matters to me and the power I believe it has to change people’s financial futures. I’ve seen and experienced it firsthand.

No, I’m not here to sell you on some miracle investment method. I’m no real estate guru about to unlock the secrets of getting rich quick to you. What I am here to do it share just a few thoughts I have about why I think people—myself included—find real estate investment so attractive. Why they get into it the first place, why they stay, and why they find themselves so grateful for it years down the line.


5 Reasons I’m Grateful for Real Estate Investment

1) The Chance to Be Financially Independent

The number one reason anyone chooses to invest tends to be rooted the hope that they will earn the passive income to be financially independent. They want to eliminate the need to work. For many real estate investors who do their due diligence and go into it with the right partners and the right education, they succeed. It takes time and patience to allow investments to grow, but it’s not difficult with the right strategy.

While no, everyone won’t be a millionaire-in-two-years success story, hundreds of thousands of investors find the kind of security through real estate investment that they need to be comfortable with giving up their jobs and relying on their investment income full-time if they so wish.

2) The Security Beyond Retirement

We’re living in a world where relying on 401(k)s and other retirement funds are increasingly less feasible options to sustain a happy, comfortable retirement—especially considering we’re leading longer, healthier lives. What real estate investment does for us is that it not only stocks that retirement fund, but it continues to sustain it. It’s not a fund that depletes and must be rationed out to last us throughout our golden years, but, with the help of our passive income, it is always growing.

3) The Ability to Multiply Income Streams

One of the things that I love about real estate investment is the ability to scale. Not only can you do it, but it’s easy, too. There’s a huge advantage in real estate investment called leverage that means you can benefit the fact that you are often borrowing from a lender to fund your investments rather than using your own money. Because of that, it’s more affordable and accessible to scale and multiply your streams of income...so you can increase your cash flow and grow your wealth relatively quickly.

4) The Opportunity to Follow my Passions

I already mentioned that one of the great advantages of real estate investment is that through passive income investors can eventually become financially independent to the point that they no longer have to rely on a day job. Some investors even refer to this as escaping the rat race! For me, it’s more than just getting out of a day job. It’s the opportunity to chase after what I really want. The income earned from investing forms a launching pad towards achieving my real goals and passions. My book, my entrepreneurship. Things I really want to do and achieve!

5) The Stability for My Family

Ultimately, more than any of that, investing in real estate creates something for the next generation. Passive income creates a way to take big family vacations without stressing over the expense. It means being able to have big family Christmases and take care of unexpected bills. It means helping with the cost of education for my kids. It means ensuring that children and future grandchildren will never have to worry about me in me in my twilight years and it means that I can lavish gifts upon them when I want to.

And that is truly a blessing!

Want to learn more about investing in real estate? I suggesting hopping on over to Memphis Invest and checking it out.