4 Incredible (And Easy) Ways to Start Living Your Best Life

We’re already well into the year and while some of us may have long-forgotten any resolutions we may have made, I hope most of you are still going strong in your resolve. At the same time, whether you have found yourself feeling discouraged and defeated by the year, there’s no reason you can’t pick yourself up and start again.

I’m not necessarily talking about resolutions, either. The resolve to improve particular areas of our lives is great. I’m all for making targeted resolutions. But wouldn’t it be great if we could just make a few simple changes and see our overall quality of life dramatically improve? It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

You may find that with just a few small steps, you can feel refreshed and renewed: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Living your best life doesn’t have to wait until next year. It can start right now. These are my top tips on the path to living well. 


4 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Instantly Live Better

1) Get up at sunrise.

To the horror of night owls everywhere, I suggest getting up at dawn. Our bodies are naturally meant to be attuned to the rise and fall of the sun via our circadian rhythm. When you get up with the sun, you’re syncing your internal clock with nature. Sunlight itself comes with all kinds of health benefits and vitamins that help us become more alert, awake, and healthy. You’ll find yourself more rested, experiencing a better metabolism and easier weight loss, and even an improved immune system.

Besides the internal benefits of getting up at sunrise, there’s the added bonus of time. The most productive and successful people in the world get up early, and there’s a reason for it. They get things done while the rest of the world is still sleeping.

2) Savor nutrient-packed meals.

One of the best ways to live well is to eat well. I’m not talking about reaching for the pastries, either. Decadence only works in moderation. Fueling your body right is one of the surest ways to ensure not only a long life but a good life. You’ll find yourself feeling more comfortable and regular, full of energy and stamina, and with a better immune system when you eat a diet that is nutrient-rich. I’m not talking about a bland diet, either. I’m talking about experiencing great whole foods cooked with love and care! Home-cooked meals that you can savor and truly enjoy. You’ll leave feeling full and satisfied—and never regretting what you ate.

3) Prioritize experiences over objects.

Time and time again, you’ll find that people towards the ends of their lives regret only a few simple things: not spending more time with their families and not experiencing more of life. They regret spending so much time in the office or trying to accumulate things versus actually putting what they’ve earned towards experiences.

A key to your best life? Actually living it. Go on trips. See the world. Go to concerts and films. Roadtrip with your family. Do things you’ve always wanted to do and see things you’ve always wanted to see. They’re things you’ll never regret! Making memories is always, always better than buying an object.

4) Live intentionally.

Lastly, the best way to live a good life is to live it intentionally. Whether it’s in what you eat or how you exercise or in the way you deal with the people around you, be intentional. In short, strive to be the person that you truly hope to be in all things. That growth only happens when we’re intentional about it.

If you have a fitness goal, you have to make a conscious effort to go to the gym and to eat well. If you want to forge a better relationship in your life, it means spending time with that person.

But more than just personal goals, living intentionally means soaking in life. It means appreciating the things around you, be they big or small. It means seeing small glories in the sunset and the stars and appreciating a spring breeze and birdsong. It means being able to stop and take joy in what’s around you.

Living your best life, if anything, is about that: never taking anything for granted.

Today, what reminds you that life is good? Share with me in the comments.