Cross the Divide Between Wanting Wealth and Becoming Wealthy

There are two types of people when it comes to a wealth mindset.

There are people who want wealth and there are people who are willing to earn it.

I think for many people, wealth is this insurmountable concept. It’s this lofty goal. A Mount Everest. A Moby Dick. It’s something that we so badly want but we’re either so intimidated by the idea of even beginning or so discouraged by our own perceived inability that we never begin in the first place or we give up somewhere along the line.

This is why, even though we all want wealth, few people ever climb to the top.


Who has what it takes to be wealthy?

Becoming wealthy isn’t something that you have to be born into. You don’t have to begin by being particularly good with money. You don’t have to have great connections, resources, or even live in the best market. You don’t have to be from a great family, a certain ethnicity, or country.

Earning real wealth starts with a desire.

The problem is that most people start and end with wishing for wealth. They wish they could end their 9-to-5 grind but they never really do anything about it.

Actually getting there taking something a little more.

It’s a trifecta: conviction, initiative, and follow through.

Becoming wealthy with conviction.

Do you really believe that wealth is within your reach? Wealth means different things to different people, but regardless of your personal idea of wealth, you have to believe that it is actually obtainable. If you don’t believe in its possibility, you’re sabotaging your success from the start.

Believe in your own ability to make it happen. There are a thousand reasons it could not work out, but you can’t fixate on them. Instead, you have to focus on making it happen. If you don’t know how to do it, figure it out. Start reading up on personal finance and investment strategies. Ask friends who have found financial success. Find a mentor.

If you are unsure, you have to start building your confidence. Investors don’t succeed if they second-guess themselves. They have to have conviction.

You have to believe in your own ability to achieve your financial goals. That should be at the heart of your journey before you begin.

Becoming wealthy with initiative.

Once your mindset is in the right place, you have to actually start taking initiative. We can have all of the right answers to our money problems, all of the right knowledge for wealth-building and investing, but if we don’t actually apply any of it to our lives in real ways, it’s never going to do any good.

If you want financial freedom, it takes that initiative. It might mean starting small. Maybe it’s saving more with every paycheck. Maybe it’s making a real budget and actually sticking to it, or cutting some expenses from your life.

These acts can then empower you to do things that can help you begin building wealth, like investing. Maybe for you, it’s as simple as starting with eliminating some debts!

Understand that you don’t have to be stuck in your financial situation and that tomorrow, it can start to change. Once you begin to understand that, you can see how freeing it is. Remember, you don’t have to be controlled by your money: not by a lack and not by an excess. You are in charge. So start moving your money in the direction that you want to go.

Becoming wealthy with follow through.

Lasting wealth is an act of audacious perseverance.

I’m a big fan of buy-and-hold investments. These are investments you hold onto for years. Decades, even. They take a lot of time to pay off, and you just keep building them up and growing your net worth.

Wealth doesn’t happen overnight. Not for the vast majority of people.

If you have the right mindset, if you have the initiative, remember then, that you have to make it last. It’s not always easy to persevere. It’s not an easy path, especially when things go wrong or when other paths seem quicker and easier. Remember, though, that there are time-tested paths to wealth.

It’s best to invest your time and your energy into something you trust. Not in fads. Not in a quick buck. Not in instant gratification. Don’t get weary in pursuit of your best financial future.

So what do I trust? I think you can guess. I trust real estate investment. In fact, you can check out my latest book on the subject, The Turnkey Revolution, here.

What set you down the path to building your wealth? Share your story in the comments!